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Development/Fundraising Consultant

Company: Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan


The purpose of this engagement is to develop a comprehensive fundraising plan for EJAM and integrate their knowledge and experience into its successful implementation. EJAM plans to launch a $1.5 million dollar campaign over the next year aimed at both the sustainability of EJAM’s existing work as well as statewide expansion of its partners. The ideal candidate should meet the requirements identified in the attached profile for the position. Additional documents will be made available to the successful Contractor to further inform them of the requirements and it is expected that the Contractor will meet with representatives of EJAM to gain a full understanding of the requirement prior to initiating search activities.

Contract Duration

EJAM intends to enter into one or more agreements for Development and Fundraising for a one year period with the possibility of renewal for an additional year. A maximum of 2 renewals before issuing a new RFP.

Proposal Requirements:

1. Proposal should be submitted Electronically to:

Dr. Alicia Renee Farris

EJAM Board President 

2. Your Proposal will become part of the contract if your proposal is selected for award. Price quotations and other time dependent information contained in your proposal shall remain firm for a minimum of 90 days from the proposal submission deadline.

3. All costs associated with the development and presentation of the proposal will be at the sole expense of the proposer and will not be reimbursed by EJAM.

4. Proposals and all supporting documentation will become the property of EJAM and will not be returned. EJAM has the right to copy the materials for evaluation and informational purposes.

5. Any questions or concerns regarding this RFP or inquiries regarding the RFP process and proposal submission must be in writing and must be submitted via email to the EJAM Board President no later than July 24.

6. Finalists may be asked to present their proposals in person.

7. Finalists may be required to undergo a background check.

8. EJAM reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any irregularity therein.

9. EJAM is under no obligation to award the contract to the proposal that reflects the lowest cost.

Proposal Format and Content

Proposers should address the content and sections presented below in a narrative format. Information should be as concise and direct as possible. Any supporting documentation submitted in conjunction with the proposal should be directly related to one or more of the content sections.

1. Submit one electronic copy of the proposal.

2. Limit the proposal to 8 pages or less (not including attachments).

3. For ease of reading, use 1.5 spacing, 1 inch margins, and 12 point font size.

4. Must contain a cover letter, experience and qualifications, the approach and fee structures.

The Cover Letter should include:

· Legal name of the company or individual

· A statement that the proposal remains valid for at least 90 days

· A declaration of any conflict of interest and if so, the nature of the conflict

· The complete contact information for the person responsible for submitting the proposal

· The signature of a company officer or individual who can bind the proposer to the provisions of this RFP and any agreements awarded pursuant to it.

Experience and Qualifications

· A brief descriptive statement indicating the proposer’s credentials to be delivered under this RFP.

· A brief description of the proposer’s background and organizational history.

· Number of years in business.

· Location of Offices.

· In the case of a firm, a listing of key personnel who will be assigned to this contract if awarded including resumes.

· Two references from clients or former employers for whom you have performed similar work: including contact name, company name, address, telephone number and email address.

· A brief description of the proposer’s plan for working with EJAM to ensure maximum

implementation of EJAM’s goals and objectives.

· A brief summary of fundraising experience.

The Approach

The proposer will describe plans and the approach for accomplishing the services requested. The information provided should be in enough detail so as to enable EJAM to determine whether the proposer understands the effort to be accomplished. It should outline the steps for services to be provided. 


  •  A narrative entitled “Approach” that clearly illustrates how the proposer will complete the scope and services indicated in this RFP and include a budgetary estimate to implement the approach.
  •  A narrative entitled “Understanding” that illustrates the proposer’s understanding of EJAM’S requirements and the associated schedule as stipulated in this RFP.
  •  A narrative entitled “Management” that clearly illustrates how the proposer will manage the contract, ensure completion of the scope of services and accomplish the objective defined in the RFP.


The Cost Proposal

The cost proposal should include proposed costs and any other rate amounts or costs associated with the proposal.


Scope of Work

EJAM seeks a fundraising consultant/contractor to develop a comprehensive fund development plan for EJAM and to approach new funding entities and individual donors with requests to provide financial or in-kind support to EJAM for its full implementation, expansion and sustainability of its services. The successful proposer will have superior relationship building skills, grant writing and communications skills. The proposer will have a creative approach to cultivating new and assisting with maintaining relationships with current supporters. This is a one year contracted position.


Qualifications and Requirements

  •  Understanding of the mission of EJAM and a commitment to its goals and objectives.
  •  Knowledge and familiarity with the local foundation community and other philanthropists 
  •  Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills, including speaking in a compelling way about EJAM’s mission and funding goals with individuals and groups within the foundation sector.
  • Excellent organizational, time management, project management and follow-up skills with a high sense of urgency, demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, and successful handling of multiple projects concurrently.
  •  Ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
  •  Ability to lead and carry-out the research and development of funding requests and reports.
  •  Strong work ethic and positive attitude, and an ability to be flexible to do what it takes to get the job done.
  • At least five (5) years of grant writing and fundraising experience.
  • Comfort in engaging in cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donors and sponsors.
  • Prior experience working with non-profit organizations and a board of directors.
  • Experience working with small grassroots organizations.
  • Eagerness/ability to identify challenges and implement solutions.

The successful candidate should provide the following services as a minimum but not limited to:

1. Meet with the EJAM Interim Executive Director and Board Representatives to outline a strategy for carrying out the fundraising goals, including the development of a comprehensive fundraising plan and the added value they may provide.

2. Identify potential contacts and outreach to potential supporters including direct solicitation of interest from target supporters.

3. Review EJAM current database for prospects and coordinate the production of foundation and individual donor funding requests to meet all requirements.

4. Research and write high quality grant applications to grant funders with optimal chances of successful award, with a minimal target of $25,000.

5. Prepare activity reports regularly to keep the EJAM Board informed of the level of activity.

6. Identify new prospects from outside the current donor pool, cultivate those relationships and identify gift opportunities that match the donor interest, make recommendations on prospective sources of funding and fundraising and seek to secure major gifts from these prospects.

7. Proactively explore options for identifying major donor prospects and participate in donor/prospect cultivation, solicitation and stewardship activities