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Development Coordinator

Company: Food Bank of Eastern Michigan
Date Posted: February 9, 2018

Position Description:

The Development Coordinator will interact with the community with a specialty in fundraisers, events, speaking engagements and food drives. The coordinator will support department goals by building relationships with new donors and strengthening relationships with existing donors.

Position Responsibilities:

• To identify, cultivate and maintain community partnerships for the successful completion of food drives and third party events 
• Maintain accurate and current records and logistics for food drives, third party events, and community engagement activities in the appropriate data bases and department files
• Promote virtual food drives and provide technical support to community groups and organizations to maximize the available crowd funding pages as a source of viable revenue
• Promote and provide technical support to individuals to maximize the available peer-to-peer fundraising pages as a source of viable revenue
• Promote the school year ABC12 Spirit Squad food drive and fundraising program coordinating the efforts of corporate sponsors, schools, and food bank logistics
• Maintain a year-round calendar of speaking engagements and/or attendance at community events to ensure regular exposure for the organization 
• Ensure timely recognition is provided to all donors, volunteers, and community groups engaged in development activities 
• Support the Development Manager in the planning and execution of all fundraising and organizational events as outlined in the development plan
• Support the Development Manager by working with other departments (operations, programs, finance, etc.) to collect accurate data and written grant reports as assigned
• Support the Development Manager by conducting prospect research for new potential grant funding as assigned
• Support marketing objectives with updates to web site, e-mail blasts, and social networking as assigned 
• Prepare regular reports on progress, budgets, receipts, and expenditures as assigned
• Know and adhere to organizational policies and procedures, and work as an integral member of the development team
• Perform other duties as assigned

Basic Qualifications:

• Previous work experience with fundraising and non-profit organizations preferred

Preferred Qualifications:

• High level of organization skills
• Able to take initiative in projects and with new relationships
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Experience with Microsoft Office and data base
• Self-motivated with drive to take initiative in creating new relationships
• Ability to work on several projects at once

Required Education:

College degree required

How to Apply:

Submit a cover letter and resume’ on the Smart Recruiter job site using the following link:

Application Website: